Master of Arts (MA) in Economics

The MA in Economics program is designed to provide academic training for students who are interested in studying the dynamics of economic, finance, and business development in Muslim societies across the globe in particular, as well as international communities in general. The MA in Economics program equips students with the advanced knowledge and quantitative skills for an economic, finance, and business analyst in the global society.

The program is also intended to serve as an intellectual platform for future scholars in the fields of economics, finance, and business with special attention being given to the Muslim states and societies. It offers a unique mixture of knowledge which embraces the mainstream approach of positivism and normativism embodied in quantitative and qualitative methodologies and values derived from an in-depth understanding of the Qur’an and Hadith. In addition, students will also be equipped with digital economics knowledge which is the basis for anticipating dynamic changes in the future economic landscape. Thus, the outcomes of the program are more comprehensive and innovative. Graduates of this program are expected to be able to exercise their knowledge to contemporary problems in the business and economic world and respond to the needs of a competitive market in their capacity as academia, researchers, regulators, and practitioners in the field of economics and business in general.

Expected Learning Outcomes/Competency of MA inEconomics


Have an advanced knowledge of various approaches and theories in economics,


Have an excellent understanding of economic, finance, and business development processes in the Muslim World and beyond,


Demonstrate a good command of relevant research skills in economics, along with competence in conducting research consistent with the norms and manners of the discipline 


Show the competence to apply their theoretical knowledge to explain the dynamics of economic, finance, and business development in Muslim states and societies and beyond.


Degree Requirements

A student seeking a Ph.D. degree in Economics at IIIU must complete 49 credits (including a dissertation) to qualify as a Doctor (PhD) in Economics. The credits include general courses, core courses, methodologies and a Ph.D. dissertation submission.

Course Structure

The requirement will be satisfied with the following components:

The requirement will be satisfied with the following components:

  • Foundation, Scope, and Method : 12 credits
  • Core and Elective Courses : 21 credits
  • Academic Writing : 3 credits
  • MA Thesis : 6 credits