Not only UIN FEBI Mataram but considering the potential of UNRAM FEB in the collaboration of international programs partnership, UIII FEB represented by Prof. Dian Masyita Ph.D. conducted a visitation to socialize the vision and mission of UIII and FEB. One of UIII’s missions is promoting Indonesian Islamic cultures as a part of world civilization and appointing Lombok with UNRAM as a collaborative partner would be mutually strategic. Lombok became the venue of the last MTQ (National Quran Recitation Competition) XXIX 2022, opened by the governor who stated that Lombok is the true face of Islam as it will be a prominent gate in Indonesia where many activities from national to global scale taking place and Islam there would influence the positivity and tolerance of all communities residing there.

Located in west Nusa Tenggara Indonesia and established approximately 60 years ago, UNRAM FEB, represented by Dr. Muaidy Yasin, MS., the dean of FEB UNRAM, along with his faculty members like Diswandi, S.E., M.Sc., Ph.D, Saipul Arni Muhsyaf, S.E., M.M., Ph.D, Dr. Lalu Edy Herman Mulyono, M.M, and Dr. Luluk Fadliyanti, S.E., M.Si., openly welcomed this good gesture, fully realizing that having a vast international program portfolio, not only would benefit a university in improving its international accreditation which indicates the enhanced recognition of its quality, but also it ensures the sustainability of the university and the workability of the alumni. Along with the MoU signing, there was a collaboration agreement in the implementation and development of education, research, and community service between both institutes.

Prof. Dian Masyita elaborated that the MoU would be a ticket in which international students of UIII FEB will have a chance to visit Lombok, involved in any international programs held by UNRAM FEB. She emphasized the cruciality of this program as it will be a substantial investment for students in both institutions to extend the network while decreasing the professional gap between theoretical framework and reality practice. Apart from that, as mentioned earlier, international students of FEB UIII would have exposure not only to the beauty of nature in Lombok but also to Islam’s warm ambiance there. Through the international students’ programs held, global issues will be sharply discussed with a more diverse global perspective that will result in the encouragement of openness, tolerance, and mutual understanding. She deems that for these positive aims, UIII FEB would be so open to collaboration with any institutes for greater mobility and capacity.