UIII.AC.ID, Depok – In the serene village in Jepara, Central Java, Milhatun Nisa, a graduate of the Faculty of Economics and Business at Universitas Islam International Indonesia (UIII), breaks traditional barriers as the first woman from her locality to pursue a master’s degree, marking not only a personal victory but also a symbol of hope and transformation for her community.


“I’m the very first person, especially as a woman, in my village to pursue higher education at the master’s level,” Milhatun said, acutely aware of the groundbreaking nature of her journey.

This path, while filled with promise, also bears the weight of responsibility, as she acknowledges the need to inspire future generations. Her story resonates deeply within the village, becoming a source of encouragement and aspiration for many.

Milhatun’s discovery of UIII was unexpected, stemming from a WhatsApp group where her undergraduate seniors shared scholarship opportunities. Initially scrolling past the information, it was a friend’s encouragement that propelled her to apply. Although her friend did not get in, Milhatun seized the opportunity with determination.

Milhatun admitted that choosing UIII was not easy due to its relatively new status. “I didn’t have any evidence of the track record of the campus,” she said. However, a senior working in the Ministry of Religious Affairs reassured her about the institution’s potential, convincing her to be part of this campus.

Upon her arrival, Milhatun was greeted by the expected luxurious facilities of UIII, having been pre-informed by a friend. She expressed gratitude for the institution’s “beautiful and supportive facility,” highlighting its role in fostering academic excellence. This environment, replete with state-of-the-art resources and a welcoming atmosphere, not only met but exceeded her expectations, solidifying her belief that she had made the right choice in pursuing her studies at UIII.

Life at UIII, however, is not devoid of challenges. Milhatun candidly shared her experiences of anxiety and the pressures of academic life, emphasizing her learning curve in managing time and stress. These challenges were part of the transformative journey, shaping her resilience and adaptability in a competitive academic setting.

For prospective students, Milhatun offers a compelling endorsement of UIII. “You will not regret being a part of the campus,” she assured, praising the campus’s aesthetic, distinguished lectures, and the opportunity to broaden one’s global network. Her endorsement highlights the university’s commitment to providing a holistic educational experience, extending beyond the classroom.

Milhatun Nisa’s journey is more than a personal achievement. It is a narrative of breaking societal norms and setting a precedent. Her story stands as an emblem of inspiration, demonstrating that with determination, support, and opportunity, the limits are boundless. As she continues to break barriers, Milhatun’s story inspires not just her community but also others in similar contexts, showing that dreams can indeed become realities.