Master of Finance (MFin) in Sustainable Finance

Indonesian International Islamic University, Faculty of Economics and Business, proffers the program of Master of Finance in Sustainable Finance (Magister Keuangan dalam bidang Keuangan Berkelanjutan). It is at the level of “Strata-2 (S2)” in the Indonesian higher education system. The study emanates the aspects of professionalism, analysis, research, and implementation of contemporary financial science.

Featured as a comprehensive education, added with practicality in the financial industry, as well as a deep focus on sustainable development, this program helps enhance and prepare students to excel in the professions related to sustainable finance industries. At the same time, this program also equips students with the ability to cope with environmental and developmental challenges today and in the future.

Missions & Objectives of the Program

  • To focus on the development and implementation of sustainable finance.
  • To contribute to the advancement of the issues around sustainable finance nationally and globally, which is highly relevant with the teachings of Islam.
  • To groom high quality talents in sustainable finance, as academics, business professionals / entrepreneurs, regulators / policy makers, or NGO / IGO professionals.
  • To contribute in the acceleration of the development of sustainable finance ecosystem nationally and globally.
  • To fulfill the demand for talents in sustainable finance in present time and in the future.

The Importance of the Program

  • Focused on the comprehension of the fields within Sustainable Finance
  • Interdisciplinary & deep learning
  • Practical & analytical
  • An immense need for present day, a global trend for the foreseeable future (In professional & academic contexts)