Ph.D inEconomics

The Ph.D in Economics program is designed to prioritize studies and research in contemporary economics, especially relating to the development of theories and applications relevant to megatrend phenomena and contains values that are closely related to the Muslim community globally.

With this background, it is hoped that the Ph.D in Economics program will be able to produce the best graduates who have analytical and decision-making skills as professional economists in the public and private sectors. The Ph.D in Economics program offers a strong and productive academic culture where students from various countries are able to interact with experts, scientists, and practitioners from various countries who have had brilliant careers in the world of economic studies.

Expected Learning Outcomes/Competency of Ph.D in Economics
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Have advanced knowledge of various approaches and theories in economics to produce high-quality research for both academic and non-academic settings.


Have an excellent understanding of economic, finance, and business development processes in the Muslim World and beyond to identify complex questions and to find strategic solutions


Demonstrate an outstanding command of relevant research skills in economics, along with competence in conducting research consistent with the norms and manners of the discipline


Show the competence to apply their theoretical knowledge to explain the complexities and dynamics of economic, finance, and business development in Muslim states and societies and beyond.

Course Structure

A student seeking a Ph.D degree in Economics at IIIU must complete 49 credits (including a dissertation) to qualify as a Doctor (PhD) in Economics. The credits include general courses, core courses, methodologies and a Ph.D dissertation submission.

The requirement will be satisfied with the following components:

  • General Course : 3 credits
  • Core Courses : 15 credits
  • Methodologies : 6 credits
  • Ph.D Dissertation : 25 credits


Career Path

The academic training at the MA and Ph.D in Economics programs at the UIII is intended to equip students with theoretical and empirical foundation to help them advancing their career in academia, international organizations, central bank, financial and banking sector institution, civil society organizations/NGO/research institute, diplomatic world and government sectors, journalism, and also private sectors that increasingly are in need of economic, finance, and business development understanding of the environment in which they are operating.