After reading, analyzing, and processing all books, materials, handbooks, and journals, FEB students celebrated the end of the odd semester by holding a thanksgiving in the form of a barbeque party, thanks to Ecobiz Students Association (ESA) became the EO of this activity. Taking place on the rooftop of floor four of UIII library, the agenda was inviting all faculty members and students, doctoral and master, to not only share their minds on what they have witnessed emotionally and academically throughout the first and third semester but also discuss future study plan that will be executed onward. Luthfi Hamidi, Ph.D., the head of the program study for master students, said that there was a time for students to be determined, pouring all they have and focus for the improvement of their studies, but also there existed time for them to enjoy and refresh their mind, particularly after the completion of the final exam. This agenda was set up for such purpose, appreciating the students’ struggle and consolidating their bonds with the faculty members.

The BBQ party would be a valuable moment to strengthen the bond and help to unwind from all the stress. It is a versatile fuel for all who attended to sync and discovered the nature of each while exchanging information that would be missed in the class or the dorms. The agenda was enlivened with music and accoustic guitar performance, along with several remarks delivered by the representative of each batch. The BBQ party was closed with a photo session and praying Maghrib at the campus mosque.