At the beginning of February 2023, FEB UIII held a training of trainer (ToT) for master and doctoral students of FEB to equip them on how to proliferate the massive benefits of digitalization for SMEs and how to assist them to be savvy with ‘Ruang 1010′, an application created by LMFEB or known as the center of business and management (CBM) of Padjadjaran university. This application exists to facilitate many SMEs that are not well-informed in financial management and recording their annual financial book. Apart from being free, the app provides entrepreneurial coaching and virtual rooms for SMEs to solidify and develop the profit they can obtain by registering themselves as a part of this app. Ruang 1010 is an application based on the B2B model, connecting the supply chain between SMEs that produce and require raw materials.

Through this workshop, students are expected to be ready and competent in coaching SMEs around UIII Depok that are not tech-savvy yet or have less experience in penetrating digital markets. On top of that, the students will be more effective and efficient in informing the instructions and responding to the potential SMEs’ queries. Besides enhancing students self-esteem and problem-solving skills, this program is in line with one of Indonesia’s higher education tri Dharmas; community engagement. This dharma would not only actuate the knowledge learned inside the class, but while it accelerates the speed of the process of improving human resource capabilities (students) per the growth rate of development, it also serves as how faculty and university have a more impact-based program to improve the accreditation.

After completing this one-day workshop, all students were invited to visit al-Ittifaq Moslem boarding school, the green pesantren located in Ciwidey, Bandung, to witness how entrepreneurship can go side by side with dakwah and Islamic education to disseminate broader positive economic impacts for the community. Staying for two nights and two days, students were exposed to Islamic life at boarding school, the green process of the institute agribusiness, and how they can evaluate while refining their supply chain management and network. During the stay, students also took some moments to stroll around to white crater and tea garden to unwind after the final exam of the odd semester.