In collaboration with the International Center for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF) Malaysia and BI Institute (BINS), UIII FEB conducted a flagship event as the G20 side event in the form of an international seminar on advanced issues in Islamic economics and finance (AIIEF). Taking place in JW Marriot Hotel Surabaya, this seminar addressed the importance of innovative, inclusive and sustainable economic growth to thrive globally. Attended by nine proficient speakers in this sector either nationally or globally, the event was separated into three plenary panel sessions. UIII FEB sent three master students, Fahmi Alamil Huda, Muhammad Ismail Sunni and Ananda Olga Ulima to provide assistance, backing up the event as the liaison officers as well as the seminar proceeding drafter.

The event discussed digital transformation, a new paradigm in Sharia economics and finance, and Sharia economics for economic recovery. Designed for middle-to-senior level officials from central banks and other related institutions, this event exposed what approaches by which possible future crises can be well-anticipated and what opportunities by which realizing innovation on economic growth could be created and scaled up. The involvement of the students in this event greatly enhance their flexibility, organization, negotiation and communication skills since they were imposed to provide relevant inputs for the moderators of the events to gain a proper amount of knowledge regarding the topic discussed. Furthermore, drafting allows them to develop a more cohesive text while exploring the topics and aligning the purpose, content and audience perspectives. By joining this G20 side event, they were also having the chance to expand, modify and clarify their initial notions on the theme brought, organizing their understanding into more a solid flow.