One of UIII’s boards of trustees is the ministry of foreign affairs since UIII has a mission to denote the exclusiveness of Indonesian Islam to the world. Being a board of trustees imposes a holistic responsibility over the UIII management, ensuring the best interest of related stakeholders in various management decisions. Other than an official visit, H.E Retno L.P Marsudi, the minister of foreign affairs attended UIII to give a public lecture concerning foreign policy in Indonesia and the Muslim world.

Upon the success of the G20 last November, she put an emphasis on the urgency to rekindle the collaboration spirit in navigating the crisis. In the current world where global crises immensely cripple, developing countries are sidelined, and great powers coercively rival, it is imperative to ensure global governance equality, for example, by opening a path for developing countries to form and initiate global agendas. Moreover, for strong and inclusive recovery, to generate concrete deliverables must be prior constructed, to building the bridge for common ground while maintaining diversity. She lastly enunciated that the primary principles to reignite, other than the spirit of collaboration, are collective leadership and responsibility, integrity and equality, and justice and solidarity. In regard to economic enforcement, she revealed that women are needed to be more massively empowered because investing in women equals the investment in the future of the community, while still advocating the rights to education, worship, work, and family.