Expressing the convergence of will between the faculty of economics and business, UIII, represented by Dr. Luthfi Hamidi and some students of FEB UIII made a pra-MoU visitation at Al-Maktoum college in Dundee, Scotland to discuss cooperation in elevating the education quality exposures between both institutions. This collaboration will reach a range of research and publications, sit-in seminars to joint learning programs, and the possibility of double degree courses. The discussion was intended to build sharing platform to bridge mutual interest and research diversification based on SDGs amongst students of two universities. Furthermore, Dr. Mohammad Al Soghir invited the UIII team to have a college tour to apprehend the student amenities and classrooms of Al-Maktoum College students, which inspiringly relayed a message on the urgency of providing a comfortable design of class and discussion rooms for students.

He elaborated that Islamic financing has a gem potential to tackle hidden economic recession, including but not limited to households’ economic structure and human resources limit. Dr. A. G. Abubaker, as the head of Al-Maktoum College, welcomed UIII warmly and rejoiced in the academic partnership with UIII. He depicted that it is imperative to strengthen knowledge exchange between related institutes at the beginning of their educational journey. He also planned to visit UIII this November or soon under no restraint to discuss more seriously the future footprints of academics pursuant between UIII and Al-Maktoum College.