Diverse cultures inevitably exist due to the world having more than 150 countries and more than 6 billion people. Embed cultural sensitivity in oneself would enable the opening of cultural values acceptance, enhancing the adaptability of unique and good features to excel in self-awareness and cultural appreciation.  UIII as the mini mirror of the world also works as a melting pot where students coming from different countries are given the chance to have their graduate studies through scholarship.  Listed officially, UIII’s students with international grounds come from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Philippines, Ivory Coast, The Gambia, Nigeria, Togo, Morocco, Canada, Cameroon, Somalia, Yemen, Timor Leste, Algeria and Egypt.

To assimilate Indonesian culture while nurturing cultural respect and awareness, UIII students represented each home country along with well-reputated individuals from government members were invited to join Cultural Friendraising Night in the Hall of Rectoral building. The ambassadors of several countries also attended, enjoying the performance of the Indonesian National Orchestra which previously existed to entertain the guests of the G20 presidency in Bali. Franki Raden as the Cultural fellow of UIII emphasized that it is important to not only introduce UIII as the academic centre but also as the central platform of cultural understanding in Indonesia.