After UIII visitation for the Pra-MoU talk at Al-Maktoum College of Dundee university, UK last July, this time was Al-Maktoum college paid a visit to UIII in Indonesia. Discussing deeper the bilateral communication in building a more cohesive academic partnership was intensively carried out in the meeting room of the Economic Faculty, UIII. Welcoming them were Prof Dian Masyita PhD, and Lutfi Hamidi PhD who is the dean of FEB and the head of the Economic program. Dr A. G. Abubaker, as the head of Al-Maktoum College with his faculty members, accentuated that their college with distinctive and innovative learning quality would be open to responding to the changing needs of global students in both universities.

He spotlighted the fact that Al-Maktoum college has a similarity with UIII in the fact that both are independent and fully responsible for the academic and non-academic fields. Prof Dian Masyita stated that there has been much room for cooperative engagement, particularly for the purpose of working to high academic standards in the area of research, teaching, and quality assurance. The multicultural perspectives embedded in diverse students’ personalities and backgrounds would make educational experiences and intellectual endeavours more rewarding and unique.