To revitalize the day of 77th Amal Bakti, UIII conducted a Sports tournament involving all UIII community members, including the lecturers, students, staff, technicians, and security. The contested sports were basketball, futsal, table tennis, and badminton. It was held to hone the physical and personal skills of the UIII community, revealing myriads of challenges of being the winner and loser, which would be crucial to their competitiveness. Through team-based sports, all participants could be more engaging in their interpersonal skills, particularly in collaboration and control of troubles, emotions, and decision-making.

There were six teams of basketball, eight teams of futsal, more than 15 double male/ female badminton teams, and around 20 participants in table tennis in total who joined this sporting tournament. This event was a moment of how all UIII community released the behind-desk stress and anxiety since their utmost work and the day-to-day intrinsically challenging task would be researching, interpreting, and reshaping the focus of their academic demands. Those have been in a long time. Hopefully, taking a small amount of time partaking in this tournament would refresh their mind and create more stable and positive moods in the UIII academic ambiance.