Dr. Dionisius Narjoko is a senior economist at the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia. He earned his PhD in Economics from the Australian National University, receiving the prestigious Ann Bates Postgraduate Prize for Indonesian Studies in 2006 for his exceptional dissertation. Dr. Narjoko’s research primarily focuses on industrialization in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, exploring themes of international economics and economic integration across ASEAN and East Asia. His work also delves into the intersection of geopolitics with regional economic strategies, along with critical issues in economic development, including the advancement of small and medium enterprises, services sector growth, and the nexus between human capital and economic expansion. Over the past fifteen years, Dr. Narjoko has made significant contributions to his field through authored and co-authored books, book chapters, policy papers, and articles published in numerous peer-reviewed journals. Additionally, he holds the position of Associate Editor at the Asian Economic Journal. He can be contacted at dionisius.narjoko@uiii.ac.id.