What We

Holistic and multidisciplinary higher education

The Faculty of Economics and Business provides holistic and multidisciplinary higher education which aim to develop all capacities of human beings-intellectual in economics, business, social, moral and technology in an integrated manner. The faculty members will help develop well-rounded individuals to possess critical 21st-century capacities in fields across the humanities, social sciences, professional, and technical fields and an ethic of social engagement such as soft skills and rigorous specialization in a chosen field or fields.

Ability and creativity

Ability and creativity to apply this knowledge to solve the relationship among religion, economics, business and technology problems. Ability to conduct research using a robust methodological foundation on the relationship between religion and digital technology consistent with norms and practices in economics and business, including estimating economic and business models using big data, test hypotheses, forecast, and interpretation of big data.

Academic Program

MA in Economics

The MA in Economics program is designed to provide academic training for students who are interested in studying the dynamics of economic, finance, and business development in Muslim societies across the globe in particular, as well as international communities in general. The MA in Economics program equips students with the advanced knowledge and quantitative skills for an economic, finance, and business analyst in the global society.

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Academic Program

Ph.D in Economics

The Ph.D in Economics program is designed to prioritize studies and research in contemporary economics, especially relating to the development of theories and applications relevant to megatrend phenomena and contains values that are closely related to the Muslim community globally. With this background, it is hoped that the Ph.D in Economics program will be able to produce the best graduates who have analytical and decision-making skills as professional economists in the public and private sectors. The Ph.D in Economics program offers a strong and productive academic culture where students from various countries are able to interact with experts, scientists, and practitioners from various countries who have had brilliant careers in the world of economic studies.

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Academic Program

Master of Finance in Sustainable Finance

Universitas Islam Internasional Indonesia, Faculty of Economics and Business, proffers the program of Master of Finance in Sustainable Finance (Magister Keuangan dalam bidang Keuangan Berkelanjutan). It is at the level of “Strata-2 (S2)” in the Indonesian higher education system. The study emanates the aspects of professionalism, analysis, research, and implementation of contemporary financial science.

Featured as a comprehensive education, added with practicality in the financial industry, as well as a deep focus on sustainable development, this program helps enhance and prepare students to excel in the professions related to sustainable finance industries. At the same time, this program also equips students with the ability to cope with environmental and developmental challenges today and in the future.

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