Prof. Mehmet has a BA in Public Finance from the University of Istanbul (Turkey); continued for MSc in Public Finance at the University of Istanbul; has Postgraduate Diploma in Economic and Social Policy Analysis, University of York (UK); MA in Economics of Public Policy, Department of Economics of the University of Leicester (UK); Ph.D. in Political Economics, University of Leicester. Mehmet teaches and supervises research on Islamic Political Economy; Islamic Moral Economy; Islamic Banking, Finance, and Management; Political Economy of Development in the Middle East including Turkish Political Economy and Kurdish Political Economy. He is the Director of Durham Centre for Islamic Economics and Finance; and is the Programme Director for MSc in Islamic Finance and MSc in Islamic Finance & Management; and also the Director of the Durham Islamic Finance Summer School. Mehmet is the Managing Editor of the Review of Islamic Economics and is an Associate Editor of the American Journal of Islamic Social Science and in the Editorial Board of International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management and Borsa Istanbul Review. He is the Honorary Treasurer of the BRISMES (British Society for Middle Eastern Studies), and of the IAIE (International Association for Islamic Economics). His research appears in various journals including International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management, Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting, Asia-Pacific Financial Markets, Research in International Business and Finance, Journal of Business Ethics, and The International Journal of Business in Society.